Disturbed Sleep? These 6 Factors Could Be To Blame

Written by Shirley MistryMay 27, 2019
Disturbed sleep? These 6 factors could be to blame

If you’re incessantly tossing and turning in bed, counting sheep, or are familiar with waking up in the dead of the night for no apparent reason, you know the value of a good night’s sleep. Sound sleep, however elusive it may seem, can be engineered. You don’t have to struggle with waking up every hour or taking 40 minutes to drift off to sleep.

Read on to find out 6 factors that cause disturbed sleep and make sure you remedy it immediately! After all, who doesn’t want to sleep like a baby after a long day?


You love your bedtime glass of wine

You hit the gym before bed

If you think a glass of wine before bed is the best way to unwind, think again. While a few glasses can make you comfortably drowsy, don’t forget that this effect only lasts a few hours. After alcohol settles in your system, it has the opposite effect. It stimulates your body and can make you to toss and turn shortly after you get comfy under the covers! So, make sure you put down the wine glass at least 4 hours before you plan on going to bed.


Your body is super sensitive

You hit the gym before bed

While some people can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, others are hyper-sensitive to their surroundings. If you favour a fuzzy comforter to stay snug all year round, listen up. When your body is too warm, you’re more likely to suffer from disturbed sleep. Your surroundings need to be cool and pitch dark for a good night’s rest. So, trade your flannel comforter for a lighter blanket or turn up the air-conditioning. Oh, and while you’re at it, why not invest in black-out curtains to ensure your room is completely dark?


You’re eating the wrong foods!

You hit the gym before bed

If a slice of cheesecake or a sugary doughnut is your sneaky bed-time treat ever so often, its time to switch to healthier midnight snacks. Foods that are high in sugar and fat have a direct impact on your sleep. So, while that slice of cheesecake might seem like an ideal reward for 2 weeks of hitting the gym, don’t eat it before bed! The sugar and fat make for a heady cocktail that leads to fragmented sleep during the night, and severe drowsiness the next day. Yikes!


Your bedtime buddies include your laptop, iPad and e-reader

You hit the gym before bed

Yes, we know how difficult it is to not take one last (long!) look at Instagram before getting some shut eye, but if you wake up every 2 hours, its time to enforce a bedtime gadget ban. Gadgets like your laptop, TV, tablet, smartphone and e-reader emit a blue light that reduces the levels of melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep soundly. So, one hour before bed, put away all your gadgets and get settled in bed.


You have a calming cup of tea before bed

You hit the gym before bed

You may think that a cup of green tea or herbal tea is a great way to unwind and breathe easy before bed, but all kinds of tea contain caffeine, much like coffee. So be certain that your bedtime beverage of choice is completely caffeine-free. If you must have a cup of green tea before bed, dunk a tea bag into hot water for a few seconds, take it out and throw the water away. Use this tea bag to make another cup of tea and drink that instead. Most of the caffeine in green or black tea is released in the initial few seconds of brewing, which means that the second cup is a much safer bet as far as your sleep is concerned.


You hit the gym before bed

You hit the gym before bed

While the jury is still divided on whether working out before bed is bad for your sleep cycle, there’s no denying that it impacts different people differently. If you’re lifting weights just before bed, chances are you’ll feel tired at first, and active and energetic in just a few hours. If you are guilty of sneaking in a workout before bed and have very disturbed sleep, try working out in the morning or early evening for a few days and see if you sleep better!

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