7 Common Workout Mistakes Most People Make

Written by Shreya ContractorOct 04, 2018
7 common workout mistakes most people make
You’ve been spending hours at the gym but still the results seem to be taking their own sweet time to show. You’re now driving yourself nuts trying to figure just what you’re doing wrong or whether you’re even doing enough. Don’t be hasty though, for there may be workout mistakes that you could be making without even realizing. Read on to see if you’re guilty of making any of these common workout mistakes.

Overtraining yourself

Getting distracted during workout

It's a common myth that if you overtrained yourself, you'd shed pounds sooner. But little do you know that you're actually harming your body. Your body needs to rest. Overtraining your muscles would only lead to increased levels of stress and decreased performance. Not something that's healthy in the long run.


Not following a diet

Getting distracted during workout

Another common belief—it's okay to eat whatever you want as long as you're working out. Once you get a realistic idea of the amount of calories that your favourite junk foods contain, you'll know exactly why following a diet is essential. Binge-eating is permissible once in a while (hence, cheat days!) but don't make it a habit.


Eating the wrong post workout foods

Getting distracted during workout

Yes, you're hungry post workout, and will gorge on whatever comes into your hands first. But eating the right post workout foods will help save your workout from going to waste. The right foods helps rebuild damaged tissues and revives sore muscles. So believe us, you'll need them to be fueled enough for the next sesh.


Taking in too many supplements

Getting distracted during workout

Everyone who works out knows too well the hype about protein shakes and supplements. They're thought of as magic potions that accelerate workout results. However, before you get too carried away, ensure that you've consulted your gym trainer or a fitness expert about the right dosage of supplements required for your body type.


Skipping warm-ups and stretches

Getting distracted during workout

Were you really too busy, or just plain bored and lazy, when you skipped your warm-ups and stretches? Just like you prep yourself before going on a trek, your body too needs to be prepped to be able to endure the intensive training that you’ll be putting it through. Similarly, stretches are a way to keep your muscles flexible after exercise.


Not getting enough sleep

Getting distracted during workout

You may lead a busy life, and can barely manage to find time to hit the gym, let alone get enough sleep—but that’s hardly the way to go about fitness. Fitness doesn’t only mean exercise and healthy eating, getting enough sleep is also important. It helps with muscle recovery. Read this articles on foods to eat and foods to avoid to help you sleep better.


Getting distracted during workout

Getting distracted during workout

This is the easiest, especially if you’re working out at a crowded gym. While queuing up for your turn on the machines could be unavoidable; you could avoid other distractions that break your link during workout. We mean checking your phone, taking (too many) breaks, chatting up fellow gym mates between sets, etc. Just stay focussed. You’ll feel much better and see results much sooner.

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