You've watched workout videos and printed out diet charts and/or spent an obscene amount on a gym membership to convince yourself you were ready to jump on the fitness wagon. While that's a great start, you'd still need constant motivation to keep going when the excitement fades and the mundanity starts to kick in. We're here to help you with that, with quotes that could serve as constant reminders to keep working towards your #fitnessgoals.

put on your toughest fight

Don’t give in—put on your toughest fight.

that you ll rub in your haters face

That you’ll rub in your hater’s face.

bring it on

Yeah, bring it on!

what kind of booty would you like

What kind of booty would you like?

good body and better booty

A good body and a better booty.

to rub it in your exs face

To rub it in your ex’s face.

am i right

Am I right, or am I RIGHT?

True story

True story!

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