So you hate karela? But what if we tell you that it has amazing benefits such as boosting skin and hair and weight loss? Sounds like you should give it one more try, huh? Here are a few reasons why that dreaded karela should be a part of your diet…

For your skin

For your skin

Anti ageing

The vegetable contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A and antioxidants which are very effective in reversing skin ageing. It destroys free radicals in the body that slow down the ageing process and also protect your skin from UV rays.

Reduces acne

It contains ample amounts of Vitamin B and Vitamin C that destroy acne producing bacteria and help to purify blood. The result? Clear and healthy skin.

To employ: Drink a glass of karela juice every morning or make a face pack of karela and cucumber and apply it on your face and neck once a week for healthy and glowing skin.


For your hair

For your hair

Bitter gourd contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc and Biotin that help maintain hair health. It adds lustre to your locks, prevents premature greying and helps combat hairfall and dandruff.

To employ: Cut a piece of karela into two and rub it on your scalp. This is very good for dry hair and the scalp as it helps relieve itchiness and reduces dryness.


Health benefits

Health benefits

Builds immunity

Karela contains fibre that cleanses your body from within and helps build immunity when consumed on a daily basis. Have in the form of sabzi or drink a glass of its juice to reap the most out of the amazing vegetable.

Weight loss

Its high fibre and low carb and calorie content aides in weight loss when consumed on a daily basis. This is why it is considered an ideal part of the diet for anyone who is looking to lose weight fast and the healthy way.


It is loaded with fibre hence is a great way to combat constipation. Drink it every morning before workout for optimum results.