Bb Health Guide: How To Cut Out Carbs

Written by Chandni GhoshAug 10, 2016
Sure, our bodies need complex carbs like grains and vegetables for energy. But it is the refined carbs like pastas, breads and pizzas that are the monsters behind several health problems. Precisely why nutritionists often suggest going on a carb free diet or at least cutting down on carbs. If you think it’s going to be tough, we’re breaking it down for you...

Include alternate wraps

Load up on leafy greens

Use lettuce leaves to make wraps instead of tortillas. All you have to do is reach out for some romaine lettuce leaves that will work perfectly for your wrap. Lettuce will also aid in weight loss since it only contains 17 calories per serving!


Watch your pizza base

Load up on leafy greens

We don’t blame you; it’s against your values to deny yourself pizza. The problem here is that pizzas are not only high in carbs but also extremely fattening. So when there’s an option for a healthier base, why not try it out, right? This is when zucchini crust pizzas or cauliflower crust pizzas work best. Oh and make sure you top it up with as many greens as possible.


Skip the sauces

Load up on leafy greens

You love your tomato and barbecue sauces to go with your steaks, right? But little did you know that 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce gives you almost 7 g carbs! So make sure you go easy on the sauces if you truly want to cut down on carbs.


Load up on leafy greens

Load up on leafy greens

The simplest way to cut out carbs? Include as many leafy greens as possible on your plate. Instead of loading your plate with breads or rice, load it with spinach or French beans that will fill you up as well as help you go low on carbs.

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