For the last and the sixth part of our yoga week, Rasha Balooch teaches us a few asanas that help us relax and bring our yoga practice to a close.

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After an asana practice it is important to allow the body to relax.

Shavasana is conscious relaxation that helps one to completely feel at ease and relaxes the entire body.

Begin with lying on the spine keeping 12” distance between the feet, dropping them to their respective sides.

Keeps the arms slightly away from the body, palms turned upwards and fingers slightly curled in and close your eyes.

Once you’re comfortable, shift your attention to your breath.

Feel the breath move into your entire lower body, upper body and all your facial muscles. Through every breath allow your body to completely let go. Calming music can be heard during shavasana to relax further.

Lie here for a few 10-12 mins.

Make gentle movements of toes and fingers to regain body, breath and mind awareness. Turn to the right side, supporting your temple.

Taking support of the other hand, slowly sit up in a comfortable position keeping the eyes closed.

Rub the palms together, gently cup the eyes and keeping the gaze on the floor, open the eyes.

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Other variations to rest in:

One can lie against a wall and simply cross the legs or lie in butterfly pose (supta baddha konasana.)

Allow the lower body to rest on a chair.

One can chant Om before opening the eyes too.

Benefits: Rejuvenates the body entirely and gives a sense of clarity.

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Location Credit - BnB Studio. Andheri (W).

Rasha Balooch can be reached at her Facebook page’Lovelivelight Yoga by Rasha.’ She’s also on Instagram at ‘lovelivelightyoga.’