For the second edition of our yoga series with Rasha Balooch, we’re exploring a series of standing postures. Not only do these standing postures improve your core strength and balance but they also help your focus, promote a sense of wellbeing, calm your nerves and brighten your mood. So wait no more ladies, go ahead and try these standing postures for yourself after your Suryanamaskars. Triangle Pose or Trikonasana

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Keep a 3 to 3 ½ feet distance between your feet allowing your left foot to stay perpendicular to the right foot and your pelvis turned forward. Keep your arms in line with your shoulder. Inhaling, extend your body to the left side and exhaling take your left palm down to your foot while your right arm stays up and turn your gaze towards the right thumb.

Inhaling bring the left arm back up, in line with the shoulder. As you exhale, release the posture by bringing the arms down and turning the left foot back in. Repeat with the right side.

Benefits: Relieves backaches and removes stiffness in legs.

Tree Pose or Vrikhshasana

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Bend the right knee and place the heel at the root of the right thigh. Rest the foot on the left thigh toes pointing downwards. Balance on the standing leg while you join your palms and stretch them up over the head.

Breathe here. Release the posture by bringing the arms down first and then the foot. Repeat on the other side.

Tip*: Gaze at a point in front of you to maintain stillness.

Benefits: Develops a sense of balance and concentration.

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Expanded legs forward bend or Prasarita Padottanasana

Inhaling keep 4 to4 ½ feet distance between the feet, keeping your hands on the waist. Exhale and then fold forward placing one palm on the floor. Inhaling arch your spine to look up halfway.

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Exhaling bend the elbows, allowing the crown of your head to be placed into the floor beneath you. Breathe here. Inhale, raise the head and straighten the arms, Exhale place the hands on your hips. Inhaling bring the chest up and legs together.

Tip: don’t close your eyes in this posture. No strain or excessive weight on the head should be felt.

Benefits: Increases blood supply to the spine and head.

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Standing hand to big toe or Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana

Inhaling bend the right knee and hold onto your big toe using the index, middle finger and thumb. Exhaling straighten the leg, keeping the rest of your body still. Breathe here.

Inhale to bend the knee back to your body. Exhale and release the posture. Repeat on the other side.

Tip: the importance of this posture is to keep the standing leg absolutely firm. If the lifted leg stays bent, that’s fine, in time one’s body will open up.

Benefits: Strengthens leg muscles.

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Location Credit - BnB Studio. Andheri (W).

Rasha Balooch can be reached at her Facebook page’Lovelivelight Yoga by Rasha.’ She’s also on Instagram at ‘lovelivelightyoga.’