Best Healthy Eating Instagram Accounts To Follow

Written by Dayle PereiraMar 10, 2016
Best Healthy Eating Instagram accounts to follow
So you’ve started making healthy eating habits a part of your life and so far, it’s going good. But that’s until you find yourself scrolling through your feed on Instagram. Steadily, the new posts start pouring in. The bestie is going out for a steak dinner with mashed potatoes. The college gang is having sangrias at sundown. The partner is devouring an ice-cream topped with sprinkles. It’s almost inhuman to be able to go back to your diet after that!

So how do you change that? By giving your mind and body inspiration with some Instagram motivation. We’re rounding up a list of the top Instagram accounts to follow that will help you stick to your healthy food habits.

Natasha Corrett @honestlyhealthy

Ella Woodward @deliciousllyella

She’s the woman behind the famous alkaline diet that caught the attention of Hollywood and has 3 best-selling recipe books under her belt. Natasha’s feed speaks greatly of her 90 days diet plans to transform you which are green and lean. Expect a whole lot of gluten-free baked goods and motivational pictures to stride you through your diet.


Clarissa @run_wilde

Ella Woodward @deliciousllyella

16 year old Clarissa is just the girl you’d like to meet for a lunch date. The Instagram feed of the Brisbane based teenager experiments with Asian cuisine and different lighting for her pictures. She can probably live on oatmeal and fruit alone. Drop into Clarissa’s feed for bowl after bowl of delectable clean eating goodness!


Brenda De La Pedra @onehungrymami

Ella Woodward @deliciousllyella

Behind this Instagram profile lies a mother, a nurse and a believer in the power of real food. Brenda delves deep into her experiences and upbringing to develop recipes that are wholesome and healthy which the whole family would love. Get set for kitchen tips and recipes revolving around fruits and vegetables to try in your own kitchen!


Dionna Lee @tofurier

Ella Woodward @deliciousllyella

One glance at Dionna’s feed and you’ll wonder if it’s a lifestyle magazine you stumbled onto. Her experience at her creative studio helps her experiment with design and direction, transforming food like never before. Besides the slew of spectacularly shot desserts, this is a profile you won’t be able to resist!


Nikki-Lee Frost @veggie_moments

Ella Woodward @deliciousllyella

If you assumed that healthy eating was restricted to salads and nut milks, Nikki-Lee’s feed will change that notion. From jars of raspberry chia jam to beetroot noodles, post after post of her clean eats will show you that eating right can be delicious and photogenic. Make sure you have a healthy snack at hand because this feed will make you hungry!


Ella Woodward @deliciousllyella

Ella Woodward @deliciousllyella

Besides being a best selling author, restaurateur and blogger, Ella is also the face of a luxury brand. She wears many hats but her largest one is that of a foodie whose passion spills over to her restaurant. From comfort food to cookies by the dozen, expect a variety of mouth-watering food from this profile.

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