Black vinegar, also known as brown rice vinegar, is made by fermenting unpolished rice, wheat, sorghum or millet. Countries like China and Japan consume it in the form of a drink owing to its health benefits. Here are 5 great reasons why you need to make it a regular addition to your diet…

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Fights fatigue

Black vinegar contains amino acids that help in fighting the build-up of lactic acid in the blood. Lactic acid is responsible for fatigue and tiredness. A decent dose of black vinegar can help you relive stress and keep irritability at bay.

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Detoxifies your body

This magic potion helps to maintain pH levels of your body which can help detoxify your entire system when you consume it every day. It is also of great assistance when it comes to dealing with hormonal imbalances and body weight.

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Burns fat

It is a rich source of amino acids and citrate that help to burn fat more effectively. Drinking it every day is said to be a great way to get thin, burn fat and lose weight the healthy way.

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Provides energy

It contains a rich amount of citric acid that plays an important role in maintaining your metabolism levels. It aids the conversion of food into energy while keeping your immune and digestive systems on track.

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Relives pain and injuries

Black vinegar can also be used externally; it contains antiseptic and soothing properties that provide relief from pain caused by sprains and minor injuries. It is also topically used to disinfect wounds, insect bites and ease the pain caused by fractures.