If you’ve been trying to lose weight but failing miserably, making a realistic fitness bucket list might help you reach your goals. Want to know what all you can include in this list? Take a look.

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Set realistic goals You might be in a rush to lose weight but remember that going overboard with exercising or crash dieting can be really harmful. Hence, it is important to set realistic goals if you really want your body to lose fat the healthy way.​

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Download fitness apps

Fitness apps make reaching your goals that much easier. Download apps like Cody, which allows users to track their own progress and also allow people to like or comment on your fitness activities. You could also download an app like Hot5Fitness, which provides you with step-by-step workouts that too by top trainers in the industry.

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Make a food diary

Eating right is naturally an integral part of weight loss. We suggest you make a note of everything you eat throughout the day, at night. That way you get to know if your meals have been irregular or out of your diet chart and even figure out what works for you in terms of healthy foods.

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Sign up for a marathon or set a goal

This will be a hugely positive step towards weight loss. If you sign up for a marathon, you know there’s a goal right ahead of you and you ought to work towards in no matter what. While you train towards it, make sure your intake of proteins is abundant as they will eventually build your body for the marathon.