Body Image Campaigns On Social Media That Were Game Changers

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 08, 2015
It might be the harsh truth but we do have a skewed image of beauty. More often than not, it means someone who has the perfect body. But it’s about time we realised that the idea of perfect is rather subjective. She can be a size 12, she can be size 6 and yet, absolutely perfect. On a quest to encourage women to celebrate their bodies, several campaigns on social media have received widespread acclaim. Here are the ones that left a mark…

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The Dove Campaign For Real Beauty

It was after a detailed study that suggested only 4% women consider themselves beautiful that Dove by Unilever decided to come up with the Real Beauty campaign. An on-going campaign for 10 years now, ‘Real Beauty’ has influenced many women through social media and advertisements. A catalyst for social change, this campaign challenges the stereotypical idea of beauty and encourages women to be comfortable in their skin. Their latest effort being the #speakbeautiful where, using Twitter as a platform, they asked women to discuss their body in a positive light has become a roaring success.

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Love Your Body

We have been blinded by notions on the ideal body, something that has lead to serious concerns in our society. Women, instead of accepting their image, often starve themselves to attain model-like figures. And this is exactly what the You’re your Body campaign wants to change. Spearheaded by the NOW Foundation, the ‘Love Your Body’ campaign coaxes women to celebrate their bodies no matter what size they are. The campaign has now found backing in several activists and has seen a positive outcome through many videos, memes, etc.

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Started by Erin Treloar, a model who survived an eating disorder, who then went on to start a website called Raw Beauty Talks exposes the harsh truth of the fashion industry where every picture is photoshopped to create the ‘perfect’ woman. Besides signing a petition and sharing it with your friends, this campaign requests women to talk about the cause by using the hashtag #lessismore on Twitter and Instagram.

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Who says fuller girls can’t take to trends? The #Fatshion campaign urges plus-size women to take to Tumblr and Instagram and post pictures of them looking their best in their favourite ensemble. The campaign has impacted society to such an extent that several designers and retailers have now started making garments keeping these brave women in mind!

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A campaign that began in 2012, the #fatkini movement is all about plus-size women taking selfies in their swimsuits. Women are often embarrassed to flaunt their fuller figures and hence, shy away from wearing bikinis and swimsuits. However, through this movement, several women have a new-found confidence to flaunt their bodies in the swim wear; something they could never have mustered the courage for earlier. This hashtag started by Gabifresh became so famous that today, she has even designed three collections of fatkinis which are available on her website.

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