Remember when, as a little kid, you could eat whatever made you happy—cotton candy, all the chocolate in the world, wafers, peanut butter? You still can. And don't let a Photoshopped picture of a model or society's biased definitions of a ‘perfect body’ tell you otherwise. They're all illusions. What isn't one, however, is what you're looking at in the mirror. So be proud of it—or let these quotes serve as reminders to be proud.

I can look good while playing good too

Because unlike you, I can look good while playing good too.

you couldnt even make me

And you couldn't even make me.

watch your life turn to gold

Take charge. Take control. And watch your life turn to gold.

you say diet i say die

You say diet, I say die.

accept what you are

Accept what you are and watch them back off.

thats my story whats yours

That's my story. What's yours?

Image Credits: Pinterest, The Publisized, Shequotes, Quotefancy, Christine Michelle Photography