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Written by Vidhi GandhiOct 05, 2016
“By keeping your fitness regime interesting you can achieve the kind of body you want”, says fitness expert Reema Sarin. We have to admit that our inspiration level has gone up a notch higher to achieve a fit body after we heard about BOLLYFIT. And burning 1000 calories per hour sounds amazing! We caught up with Reema to know more about her expert fitness programme…

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BB: What inspired you to create a fitness programme like BOLLYFIT?

Reema: I started Bollyfit in 2004. At that time people had started becoming increasingly fitness conscious and were looking for new, innovative and fun ways to work out, lose weight and be fit. So I experimented and conceptualised BOLLYFIT, a vigorous fitness dance exercise workout, which is a fusion of Bollywood,  bhangra, flamenco, modern contemporary,  jazz  and hip hop dance steps with international dance aerobics, step dance aerobics and cardio kick-boxing moves to Bollywood music at 200 beats per minute (bpms), the fastest in the fitness dance industry globally!

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BB: How does BOLLYFIT work?

Reema: I have mixed all 3 popular rages – International Fitness moves (aerobics, step aerobics and cardio kick-boxing), Bollywood dancing and Bollywood music (at increased speeds) so one can get a high energy and fun workout! The vigorous dance moves help each and every muscle in your body in a very distinctive way. It ensures you get a real workout without feeling the burden of exercise while helping you de stress and unwind.

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BB: How does BOLLYFIT help achieve women the shape they desire?

Reema: The benefits of BOLLYFIT Cardio build your endurance, strengthen your heart and increase your lung capacity. It releases endorphins- mood elevating brain chemicals. My advice to women is to do intense cardio exercise routines, ideally 30 – 40 minutes, at least 3 - 4 times a week, with a combination of strength training exercises for their arms and legs and floor workouts for toning your abdominal and gluteus muscles for another 20 minutes. The combination of the above has proven to be very effective and will give women excellent results in just a few weeks!

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BB: What the kinds of precautions/food habits one should follow while going for BOLLYFIT?

Reema: Keep your diet wholesome and healthy. It should be high in protein with some complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, low fat fried foods, desserts and processed foods. Keep your system hydrated and flushed! So your water intake should be significantly high – at least 8 glasses per day. And if you really want to drop weight cut out alcohol and reduce excess salt intake.

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