A good pair of running shoes is certainly a smart investment. After all, it is your running shoes that help you tick off those fitness goals. Here’s what you need to look for the next time you go shopping for trainers…

Room for toes


When you run, your feet swell up. So you must make sure there’s thumb width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoes you’re trying out. A good idea would be buying half a size bigger than the size you actually wear. This will give your toes free movement.


Check the heel


The heel should fit snug. Lace up without tying it and see if your feet can slide out easily. If you feel even 10 per cent discomfort, you should know that you will feel all the more uncomfortable once you’re running. So take your time while you’re at the store trying out the shoes.


Make sure it feels firm


You should know that your joints move a lot more when you wear cushioned shoes. This will affect your body rather easily. So go for a firmer shoe if you’ve ever had an injury. This will help you stabilise your muscles. You should feel naturally comfortable without feeling the overt cushioning.


Check the flex point


Before you wear the shoes, make sure you check the flex points. Hold the heel and press the tip of the shoe into the floor. If it’s the right shoe, it will bend and crease along the same line that your foot flexes. Failing this, you probably will suffer from an aching arch if you make the purchase.