For years now, flowers have been used for healing due to the medicinal value they possess. While some help you deal with ailments, others even better your emotional well-being. Want to know which ones we’re talking about? Read on.

flower healing lavender 430x430


Lavender is known for its many uses and one of them is that it works wonders as an antiseptic skin wash for acne prone skin. Moreover, lavender is known to have relaxing properties; its fragrance relaxes the body and helps you get sound sleep. Moreover, it has been found that parts of the flower can be made into a drug that can aid digestive problems.

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Marigold, also known as the famous genda phool in India, can be used to treat minor wounds and even pimples. This gorgeous flower contains antiseptic properties and it is said that a tea or extract prepared from this flower helps menstrual cramps to a great extent.

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Jasmines are known to have a positive effect in any household. Its strong essence is supposedly helps depression as well as nervous exhaustion. Jasmine contains salicylic acid, linalool and other alkaloids all of which make the flower a herbal remedy as it relaxes the nerves and works as an astringent.

flower healing lotus 600x400


This flower contains linoleic acid, iron, Vitamin B as well as C. Several ayurvedic healers use the flower on the face for its soothing and cooling properties on the skin. Moreover, tea with lotus can help deal with acid reflux as well as gastric ulcers.

flower healing hibiscus 600x400


Hibiscus is one of the best hair conditioners. You can easily make a puree out of the flower and use it on your hair for lustrous locks. The fruit acids in the flower can work as a laxative. It has also been found that certain chemicals in the flower might help lower blood pressure and decrease stomach spasms.