Drink To Shrink – 6 Drinks To Help You Lose Weight

Written by InOnIt EditorialSep 01, 2014
If you’re bored of the same old salads and workout regime, here’s something interesting that won’t take up much of your time. We show you six drinks that you can sip on and actually lose weight. Wait no more to get that flat belly—drink up!
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Flavoured Water
Feeling bloated? Is there water retention near your belly? Drink more water. The more you drink, the better the fluid balance in your body. Besides, water offers a host of benefits for beauty and health. Try adding a bit of cucumber juice or lime to your water to ensure you drink more. This way, you get the goodness of water as well as the natural additives.

Fruit Juices- Watermelon and Pineapple
Drink some fresh and healthy fruit juices instead of your sugar-filled tea or coffee for the day. Watermelon and pineapple are particularly effective—the former is a natural hydrator for the body and rich in nutrients, while the latter contains bromelain, which breaks down protein and reduces bloating. Ensure that you have these without sugar or artificial additives.

Detox Juices
Combine any fruit and vegetable and whip up a healthy drink. Not only will it deter you from mid-meal snacking, but it will also help you get that glow on your skin. It's ideal to mix citrus fruits with tomatoes, carrots and beetroot.

Green Tea
You already know how beneficial green tea is. After all, it aids in reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Green tea also helps clear your system and contains antioxidants that reduce fat—just what you need in place of your regular tea!

Dark Chocolate Shake
Okay, we know you’re shocked—in your head, chocolate and diet don’t go well together. But, they do. Have a sugar-free, skimmed milk dark chocolate shake in place of your evening snack or morning breakfast and see the results for yourself.

Mint Iced Tea
Sugar-free mint iced tea is just right for a hot day. Have a glass to clear indigestion, bloating and get fresh. In the long run, this drink will help you cut down your cravings for calorie-filled tea and coffee breaks.

We know you’re already tempted to try out these ideas and lose the extra kilos. Go on, experiment and do share if you have other interesting ideas for diet drinks.

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