Think the long hours of work are taking a toll on your posture? We have the perfect solution for you! Yoga expert, Tanvi Mehra of Tangerine Arts Studio in Bandra, Mumbai shows you how to release stress and increase flexibility with these easy exercises!

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Twists and turns
“Taking deep breaths, raise your right hand above your head, place it on your left ear and gently stretch your neck towards your right shoulder,” says Tanvi. Then repeat it on the other side.

Do this for three rounds and pause in every stretch. Breathe in as your bend your neck; breathe out as you bring it back into position. 

This exercise immediately opens up any tightness and stress building up in the neck from long hours of work. Quick and so easy – this one’s perfect for the lazy girl.

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Seated Garudasana
“Wrap your right arm around the left and try to join the palms. Wrap your left leg over the right until your left foot wraps around the calf,” says Tanvi. Ensure that your elbows are in line with your sternum and the chin is parallel to the floor. It is necessary to keep your neck straight throughout. Hold each stretch for five deep breaths or count slowly to 10.

This exercise helps in releasing tensed shoulders and increases blood flow to the upper half of your back.

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Supported forward fold
Tanvi suggests, “Move your chair and use your desk to open up your spine and give it a nice stretch. Place your palms on the desk edge and walk back until your spine forms a flat surface like a table top. Keep the hips over your feet and your neck in line with your spine.”

If you’ve been worried about your posture, this exercise is all you need. Not only does it correct your posture but also opens up the spine from the sacrum (bottom of the spine) to the cervical region (top of the spine) and has an almost immediate effect in reducing lethargy. Totally doable!

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Seated pigeon
Place your right foot on your left knee and twist your upper body to the other side releasing any tightness right up to the glutes. Hold each stretch for five deep breaths or count slowly to 10.

“If your hips have been hurting because you’ve been sitting in one place for two long, this is the workout for you. It’ll instantly release stress and help you get flexible.”

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Rise up on the tips of your toes and stretch the whole body out by taking your hands towards the ceiling,” says Tanvi. Hold each stretch for five deep breaths or count slowly to 10.

The ultimate stretch, Tadasana will rid your entire body of any rigidity. You’ll feel the stretch in your legs, your back and your entire torso. An instant refresher, it takes the least amount of space and provides the maximum benefit.