Monsoons are a time when mosquitoes can wreak havoc in your life. The moisture in the air and standing water can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes that can cause diseases like dengue and malaria. But worry not as we have perfectly easy solutions to keeping them away during this season. Read on to know what they are.

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Lavender oil

We humans might love the smell of lavender but mosquitoes absolutely detest it. This means they will immediately be repelled by it. Given the fact that they are everywhere during the monsoons, you must use lavender oil to keep them away. Apply it to a ribbon and tie it to a curtain and see how they disappear from your house in no time. There are several lavender oil candles that are also available in the market and can be rather useful when it comes to keeping mosquitoes at bay.

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Wear light-coloured clothes

Mosquitoes are attracted to dark coloured clothes such as black and navy and will immediately hover around you if you are wearing dark hued outfits. So we suggest you wear some light coloured clothes if you don’t want them around you.

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Repellent plants

There are several plants that naturally keep mosquitoes away. So we suggest you go to a nursery and get plants to ensure that your home is not a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Basil, citronella and marigold are some plants that will serve the purpose.

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No floral fragrances

Sure, we all love perfumes. But what is also true is that mosquitoes are attracted to nectar in flowers and so wearing any flowery perfume could immediately draw their attention towards you. So steer clear of such fragrances during this season.

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Keep away from stagnant water

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Puddles, flower vases, pets’ water bowls can be a spot for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in. So ensure that you don’t have stagnant water lying anywhere in your house as mosquitoes will build a home in your house and cause diseases.