Angered by all the sermons on fitness you get from your friends every other day? What if the same words were presented in a hilarious way? We’ve scouted some funniest fitness memes from the internet that’ll drive you to hit the gym, stat! Check ‘em out!

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Only a fitness junkie will know the results that come out of lifting weights. So when someone tells you they don’t lift, this is exactly the kind of sadness you’re faced with. Right, gym-goers?

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Had a terrific gym session? You’ve surely found yourself behaving like the girl in this meme—‘fatigued but don’t want to be called lazy either’. So we inevitably find ourselves hanging in somewhere trying to stay from snoozing.

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Hey, people who can’t stop uploading their workouts pictures on social media? Yeah, it’s time to stop that. The world could do without the deets of your gymming sessions!


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Remember how Mr. Chow says, “Oh, you are having a bad day. Did you die?” in Hangover 2? This quote just got funnier because the internet replaced it with a fitness meme. You could be severely sore after a workout but hey, you’re alive enough to get back to train the next day!

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Are you that person who never skips a workout? We bet this is how you feel when you enter an empty gym ‘coz everybody else has already presented their list of excuses to not hit the gym.


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Ask a fitness expert what proteins mean to them and they’d tell you it’s crucial to their life. If you’re someone like this, we’re sure you feel this way when someone ends up drinking your protein shake.

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Girls, when Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling tells you something, you’d do it, no questions asked. So when he says keep squatting, we’re never giving up.

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You know how you come up with the most bizarre excuses when you want to skip the gym? This is exactly what this funny meme talks about. Are you guilty of doing this too?