In keeping with one of our new year’s resolutions of getting fit, we scoured the App and Play Store in the search of apps that were best suited to our body, weight, style of fitness and that could help us track our progress. While we did find plenty that we’d recommend, these 3 hold top spot.

top three fitness apps nike running 600x400

Nike+ Running
For those of you who haven’t been bitten by the Crossfit or Zumba bug and still choose running/jogging/brisk walking as your preferred fitness route, the Nike Running app was made for you. It allows you to track your entire route, the distance you’ll cover, how many calories you’ll burn and earn Nike Fuel. The app can also coach you depending on what your running goal is, and also has the option of audio stimuli such as “cheers” and “motivational messages from world renowned athletes” to encourage you to push yourself harder and perform better.
This is free for both, Apple and Android

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One of the other most popular apps in the West, Fitocracy works by providing you all the community support you need. No matter what your level of fitness, the app will introduce you to a personal coach, other fitness and nutrition experts and people who are (virtually) training with you. For every workout you clock in, you earn points and uncover new levels, all while working towards a healthier lifestyle. Fitocracy is highly recommended if your motivation wears off and you have an especially hard time keeping your eye on the ball and are need of a constant push.
This is free for both, Apple and Android

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Salute the Desk
Apart from our fingers stabbing at our keyboards, there’s no other part of our body that really gets any exercise at work, which is why this yoga centric app is one of our favourites. A mini yoga workout, Salute the Desk will introduce you to a simple set of asanas, relaxation sessions and audio as well as video assistance to help you stretch and de-stress. You can also schedule future sessions and set reminders to give yourself a short yoga break. And while we do admit, we don’t all work out of personal cabins, we find the thought of our entire cubicle practicing some asanas together rather thrilling.
Available on the Apple App Store for 250