If there’s anything we Indians hate the most it’s bland food. While sauces may add a dash of spice, they also come with their variety of preservatives.  That’s why, the best way to spice up your food is by adding herbs. They’re healthy, flavourful and free of calories and probably the easiest way to make your food tastier and healthier. Here’s how you can add herbs to spice up your everyday dishes.

fresh herbs to add to your meals organo 600x400

Oregano and basil for pasta dishes

Why do you think the Italians rely on these quintessential herbs for all of their pastas? Apart from being loaded with flavour, they’re also a rich source of minerals, Vitamin C, calcium, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin K plus rank super high in fibre and antioxidants.

To use:
While preparing your pasta, add the herbs to 1 tablespoon of olive oil for about 30 seconds and drizzle it on your pasta before you put it in the oven to bake.

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Marjoram for soups and eggs

The next time you make yourself soup for dinner, don’t forget to spice it up with marjoram leaves. It is a healthier substitute for tomato ketchup or soy sauce as it has antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties and also aids digestion. Use it for garnishing or boil it with other vegetables to bring alive its citrusy flavour.

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Nutmeg or cinnamon for sweet potatoes or broth

Nutmeg and cinnamon are the best spices you can add to your dinner meal. They fight stress and help you sleep better. Nutmeg relieves muscular and joint pain and cinnamon treats cough and cold and relieves insomnia. Coat your potatoes with the herbs (powder) and then put them to boil; in the case where you’re cooking a broth, add it to the broth while boiling.

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Parsley for seafood

Parsley enhances your immune system and contains antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties that can significantly curb swelling within the joints. Sprinkle some parsley leaves on your fish pr prawn curry or a seafood fry dish for a healthy and tasty meal.

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Rosemary and thyme for chicken dishes

Rosemary is a rich source of iron and Vitamin C. On the other hand, thyme boosts your immunity, elevates your mood and provides your skin with Vitamin A.  Sprinkle thyme and rosemary leaves on your chicken or make a paste out of the leaves and use it while roasting tandoori chicken.