Spending hours is front of the computer can cause some serious strain to our eyes. This can lead to redness, headaches, dry eyes or blurry vision. If your nature of job involves spending hours working on the computer, you need to read our guidelines on how to save your eyes from computer strain right now. Check ‘em out.

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Check the position of your computer

Staring at your computer screen for hours on end could mean you blink a lot lesser than normal; something that can reduce the lubrication in your eyes. This is why many a times when you visit the eye doctors, they will tell you that your eyes have become dry. To save yourself from this, make sure your monitor is an arm’s length away from you and ensure that the screen is 10 to15 degrees below eye level.

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Use anti-glare filters or opt of computer glasses

Install anti-glare filters on your monitor and check the brightness of your screen. It is imperative for the brightness of your computer to match the workplace brightness. This will help save your eyes from getting damaged. You may even purchase computer glasses for yourself as these are known to reduce glare and optimize your vision while looking at monitors for hours on end.

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Take breaks

Take frequent breaks and help your eyes stay healthy. Stand up, stretch but make sure you look away from the computer, perhaps to a distant object so your eyes feel relaxed. Quick eye exercises such as shutting your eyes and rotating them in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction can also provide some amount of relief.

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Enlarge text

Your eyes go through a lot of stress reading small texts. So if you’re going through documents or even writing, make sure the font is large enough for you to read without any strain on the eyes. Remember that the text should be such that it makes it easy to read/ write while you’re sitting straight or rather, when you’ve leaned back in your chair.