Rewarding, competitive and fun-filled, running has become one of the most popular workouts today. If you're participating in a marathon for the first time, here are some tips for you to begin with. A cardiovascular regime, running pumps blood circulation and sends a rush of adrenaline to your body. Not only that, it helps lose excessive calories (courtesy your favourite dessert!) and also helps increase your metabolism rate with time. Plus, the spirit of running together has caught up with India. With the many marathons scheduled to all start soon, this is what you should do.

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Start small, with 3K or 6K since it's your first time. It easily takes about two months to train for it, so make sure you sign up early. If you’ve never worked out or run before, it’s wiser to get the help of a professional. Long-distance running is all about stamina, breath control and technique. Not only do these take time to time but a cheer from others also helps.

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A quick Google search will tell you about running groups in your city (like Nike Running, Running and Living) where you can meet, practise and train with like-minded people.

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Look for sweat-proof, breathable fabrics, which are available easily. More than that, for us women, supporting the upper body is vital. Buy a set of sports bras like the Nike Pro Sports Bra in three collections – Pro, Rival and Classic – that start from 1,695 upwards, and promise to offer superior comfort.

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Invest in running shoes: Try out pairs for cushioning, heel support and flexibility. Opt for shoes that are lightweight and have a breathable mesh to enjoy your run. You can try Reebok’s Electrify Shoes, which cost 8,999.

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Stay hydrated before, during and after a run. Sip on fresh juices, coconut water and supplementary drinks to maintain the proper balance of electrolytes in your body.

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You’d be strength training at least twice a week so load up on proteins to avoid muscle loss. Non-vegetarians can eat chicken, fish and egg preparations whereas vegetarians should load up on cottage cheese, lentils and tofu.

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Keep a track: There are many apps available online to help you know your speed, distance and timing. Try iTune’s Half Marathon, Nike Running, PUMATrac and many more. Try to beat your time, cover more distance or better your speed with these, and you're all set!