While we rave about how we can't do without our morning cuppa, how well do we really know our green tea from our black? This month, we decided to give you a total tea lowdown on just what kind of goodness different kinds of tea pack in. You’ll be surprised, there’s so much you didn't know about tea.
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Green tea
Perhaps touted as the best of all teas, green tea is loaded with health benefits. With its origins in China, green tea is now the go-to tea in almost every part of the world. Since green tea doesn’t undergo traditional processing like black tea, it retains its natural goodness. This wonder of a tea packs in plenty of plenty of catechins which help you feel light and active all day. Our latest discovery, the Lipton Green Tea is an excellent option that’ll rejuvenate, refresh and hydrate you all at once. It even helps in weight management, making it a great companion if you’re on a strict weight management plan (as we always are.) However, we do recommend that if you’re having this tea, make sure to steer clear of adding milk, honey or sugar. If its flavour you’re after, you can choose from Lipton’s existing range of Lemon Zest, Jasmine Aura and Mint Burst.

Black tea
Not just your grandmother’s tea anymore! Just like green tea, black tea is also derived from the Camilia Sinensis tea bush. The difference lies in the fact that black tea is made from mature leaves that are oxidised longer. As a result, it is more flavourful and high in caffeine content. Most health experts will recommend that two cups of black tea is just right for a day. Black tea is also popular for its cardio vascular benefits in that it reduces the risk of heart disease.