Want To Eat Like Kareena Kapoor Khan? Follow These Essential Diet Tips Now

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurSep 19, 2018
Want to eat like Kareena Kapoor Khan? Follow these essential diet tips now

For years, Kareena Kapoor Khan has wowed us with her intense body transformations and strict diets. Her figure has always been the hot topic of discussion amongst the media and we can only imagine why! It all started with her transforming into a size zero for her film Tashan. Although her size zero saga got mixed reviews, Kareena Kapoor didn’t shy away from publicly admitting that size zero was just a phase and advised girls to not blindly fall for the trend by starving themselves! She was then seen coming back to her usual self, where she looked fitter and healthier while going through a healthy pregnancy and giving media a colossal amount of content to tap into and wonder what she really eats to keep up with her regime.

They say that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise, and we’re all aware of Kareena’s exercise routines, thanks to her being constantly harrowed by the paparazzi, whenever she sets foot outside of her home in gym wear, be it solo or with her BFFs! Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar who is responsible for guiding our beloved Bebo through her dietary path towards fitness recently launched her own book, making Kareena’s post pregnancy diet plan easily accessible to all of us! Here’s a brief lowdown on what you can eat and avoid to achieve a Kareena-esque figure! All the diet tips and diet food that you need!

kareena kapoor khans diet advice

Kareena eats small portions, every two hours – Believe it or not, portion control is the most important key to losing weight. Most of us don’t realise when we’re full and tend to overeat. The trick here is to eat small portions till you’re almost full. Having small portions will ensure you not getting crazy hunger pangs and you’re fuelled by good food for most of your day! Portion control is definitely an important aspect of all diet plans that exist.

kareena kapoor khans diet advice

She hasn’t cut carbs—Kareena Kapoor Khan, as we all know, is a foodie and loves her ghee, rajma chawal amongst all other foods! While carbs like artificial sugar can take a backseat, naturally occurring carbs (complex carbs) are good for you so don’t bid them a goodbye from your diet plan.

kareena kapoor khans diet advice

She says a big NO to any packaged food – Rujuta Diwekar stresses on that fact that any kind of packaged and processed food is an unhealthy option, and guess what, Kareena strictly abides by that. The calorie content in packaged foods is high. Moreover, the partially hydrogenated oil in these foods contain immense amounts of trans fats. It goes without saying that no matter how tempting these foods are, they’re causing a lot of internal damage and shouldn’t be seen anywhere near your diet food!

kareena kapoor khans diet advice

She maintains a calorie deficit. So what exactly is a calorie deficit? When the number of calories are burnt more than those consumed, it creates a calorie deficit. Understand how many calories you need on an average during a day by visiting your nutritionist. Meet this requirement and then exercise! This is a perfect balance of healthy meals and exercise.

And that’s that! No diet is easy to maintain but props to Kareena Kapoor Khan for all the conviction and dedication she’s shown through the process. Do the same and you will achieve what seems like the most impossible task ever!

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