It’s official! Hardly a few days left and tada…..*RING IN THE NEW YEAR* New Year is a harbinger of joy, excitement and of course, fresh beginnings. And every New Year comes coupled with a bucketful of New Year Resolutions. No one can deny not having made some. We can only imagine the sly smiles across your faces of promises made and promises broken.
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Grand resolutions are really easy to make, and equally easy to break. Therefore this year, we have changed the general premise of making resolutions. This New Year, START SMALL, START WITH JUST ONE. We’ll give you the simplest and the easiest, and perhaps one of the healthiest tips this New Year. Believe us, it has proven to be life changing and health rewarding.

So this New Year girls, invite a healthy new you into your life, by DRINKING LOTS OF WATER – the elixir of life.

Startled? Find it lame? Sit back, relax and know how magical drinking more and more water can be:

  1. It helps improve your skin texture. It slows down the ageing process. Now…who wouldn’t want that?
  2. It reflects on your hair….making them shinier and glossier. No need to dig into your wallets for serums anymore!
  3. It is the simplest and the most feasible blood purifier available. Water removes the excess toxins and obstructs the occasional outbreak of acne and pimples.
  4. It is an instant fatigue remover. A glass of water and you feel fresh and ready to work again!
  5. It indeed is an ultimate elixir. Water fights a number of bacteria and viruses, preventing the body from a lot of major diseases. CANCERS INCLUDED.
Our body needs at least 8-12 glasses of water to start with. Here are a few tricks to manage your Water Resolution:
  1. Invest in a bottle; you’d need to keep it close to yourself. EVERYTIME.
  2. It’s a techy-techy world. Get going by downloading Apps like WaterLogged and Daily Water, which will track the water intake throughout the day.
  3. A foodie? Start hogging on water-based foods like watermelon, salads and home-based ice candies more frequently.
  4. Share this resolution with a friend and a confidant. They’ll always keep you motivated to drink more.
The task is as simple as it sounds. All you need is to make up your mind about just one thing. Changing too many things all at once will always let the excitement of making resolutions down and adhering to it would be a long-lost idea.

P.S. Drinking water can manage a lot of other resolutions we make (secretly), like being happy, staying fit, working more, and so on. It’s like killing multiple birds with just one stone.

And once you do justice to this resolution, do not forget to treat yourself to your favourite things, be it some gorgeous outfits or shoes or a beautiful meal. Why? Because you deserve it!

This New Year, all you need to do is resolve to a KISS (Keeping it simple, silly) *Wink*

We’ve made the resolution, have you?


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