As much as we love the monsoons, we must admit that they’re also a bad time for our bodies, especially the eyes. The moist weather is a carrier of several infections like conjunctivitis, eyes sties and dry eyes! But worry not as we have a few tips on how you can keep your eyes away from these ailments. Take a look.

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Keep clean

We often unknowingly rub our eyes with unclean hands. This habit can easily pass on germs and cause some major infections in our eyes such as conjunctivitis and styies. Hence, during the monsoons, make sure you wash your hands every now and then so no bacteria settle on your hands and pass on to the eyes. You must also make it a habit to wash your eyes with cold water whenever you return from an outing. This will wash off all the dirt that your eyes have come into contact with through rain water.

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Don’t share

Avoid sharing clothes and towels with people as they can be carriers of infections and will pass on to you easily. Also keep in mind that sharing makeup or makeup brushes are a complete no-no as these may be infected from before and using somebody else’s products can be a way to catch on eye ailments.

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Eye protection

Use eye protection like glasses or sunglasses when exposed to wind or dust. But also ensure that you’ve cleaned your eye gear properly before putting them on. Stepping out in eye gear will help you protect your eyes from infections, which are carried by air.

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Your dose of vitamin A

If you really want your eyes to stay healthy, consult a doctor and take your dose of Vitamin A supplements, which make your eyes strong and help you fight infections. You can also increase your intake of Vitamin A-rich foods like carrots, sweet potatoes and bell peppers all of which promote eye health.