Your coffee cuppa is indeed your best friend. But when you add in those spoons of sugar you are not only increasing your negative calories intake but also doing a lot of harm to your overall health. Here’s a list of a few healthy substitutes you should be making the switch to anytime now…

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Raw honey

Brew a naturally flavoured cup of chai or coffee by adding in a spoon of raw honey. The substitute contains disease-fighting antioxidants, treats cold and sore throat and has great antibacterial properties that fight viral infections. And when added daily, it can also help boost your immunity and aids the digestive system.

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Give any beverage the strength to fight stress and soothe your nerves by adding a dash of cinnamon to it. The herb helps relieve insomnia and PMS. Just add half a teaspoon to a full cup for a sweet and spicy drink.

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Coconut sugar

An ideal choice for diabetics, coconut sugar contains a fibre called inulin that slows down glucose absorption in blood vessels. It also contains traces of iron, sugar, potassium and calcium and that makes it a great substitute for both, white and brown sugar.

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Powdered stevia

Add a boost of health to any beverage by opting for stevia. It is one of the most popular natural sweeteners and is known to be 300 times sweeter than sugar. It helps maintain blood sugar levels, relieves pain and injuries and maintains weight.

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Brown rice syrup

Add some fibre to your beverage of choice by adding to it some brown rice syrup. Less refined as compared to white sugar, it contains antioxidants and promotes weight loss.