Need Some Fitness Inspiration? Turn To These Bollywood Stars

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 13, 2016
Our Bollywood celebrities train hard for their enviable bodies despite their grueling schedules. So we see no reason why you’d not want to wake up to a rigorous workout session every morning, ladies. Want some inspiration from our B-town girls on how to get fit? Take a look at some of their best workout Instagram clicks.

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Alia Bhatt

From being an overweight 17-year-old to flaunting a perfect 10 body, Alia Bhatt has come a long way. Remember how it was a plump Alia who did so exceedingly well in her Student Of The Year audition that she convinced a taskmaster like Karan Johar to land her the role in the film! 3 months after the audition, she transformed herself shedding all the extra kilos and was ready for her big break. And well, ever since then, her exercise regime has never taken a backseat. Trained by Yasmin Karachiwala, Alia has hardly ever missed her gym sessions. Check her out training hard in this Instagram picture.

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Bipasha Basu

If Bollywood has a fitness junkie, it is Bipasha Basu. How otherwise do you think she gets that perfect 10 body? The girl, who even has a dance video DVD to her credit, has always advocated how having a fit body not only helps you lose weight but also makes you a happier person. If you’ve gone through her Instagram account, you can easily get a sneak peek into how she trains hard for that toned body. We bet her cardio session in this picture will have you signing up for a gym class right away!

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Jacqueline Fernandez

Always envied Jacqueline Fernandez’s body? Well, here’s a click from her Instagram account at a Pilates session. Her radiant smile coupled with that split pose tells us how workouts can be a whole lot of fun. One to always share pictures of her health foods as well as exercise regime religiously to her followers, Jacky is one helluva fit girl.

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Malaika Arora Khan

We don’t know about you but every time we see pictures of Malaika Arora Khan, our fitness goals just go a notch higher. After all, when a yummy mummy can work out like this, what’s stopping us from doing the same? Known for her enviable body, thanks to her regular workout sessions, Mrs. Khan should be your ultimate inspiration. And well, if you want that sexy derriere like hers, you’ve got to train hard like her, girls!

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Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha loves her curves. And well, she does a lot to maintain them too. Ever since she made her foray into films, Sona has become a lot fitter and healthier. Although she’ll never advocate a size zero body, the girl trains hard in yoga and at the gym to stay healthy and fit. See her acing the hand stand here. Makes us want to get out our mats right now!


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