We’ve spent the festive season merry making with plenty of laughter, dancing all night and downing plenty of food and drink. So as the new month begins, we can feel our beauty routine gone haywire and our clothes getting a little tighter. That’s why it’s the right time to take charge of your health and opt for a detox. But it’s not with a run-of-the-mill health smoothies or crash diets but instead, with the help of tea. The very latest trend in the wellness sphere is teatoxing, which is a balance of healthy food and herbal teas to help rid your liver of toxins and boost your strength and immunity.

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What is teatoxing?

Unlike a regular juice cleanse, a teatox is not solely restricted to a liquid diet. Instead it incorporates a healthy, nutritional solid diet along with two different types of tea on a daily basis. This benefits the body in a numbers of ways from detoxification to healthy skin, without too many restrictions which can come hamper your day.

How do you do a teatox?

A teatox primarily hinges on including two variations of tea in your diet, a energy boosting tea in the morning and a calming, cleansing tea on every second evening.
For your morning dose, you can take your pick from green tea, black tea, ginger tea or rosehip tea as your brew of choice which is enriched with the energy you need to carry you through the day.
For your evening cuppa every second evening, you can choose from fenugreek tea, lemongrass tea, jasmine tea and chamomile tea which will help purify your body and you wind down for the day.

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What dietary and lifestyle changes do you have to make while on a teatox?

When it comes to your diet, it helps to cut out processed sugars and refined white flour products while increasing the intake of legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables. It’s best to start a teatox when you’re in the pink of health, not while on medication and when battling an illness. Getting a full night of sleep and limiting your intake of alcohol, caffeine and tobacco are tiny changes you can make for your body to get the best out of your teatox.

Why should you do a teatox?

The most beneficial aspect of a teatox is that is is more of a change in your diet and lifestyle rather than a complete overhaul of it. While it takes time to see in full force, it does not have the temporary effects of a quickie cleanse. A teatox is the ideal cleanse because it does so much more for your body than only answer the question ‘how do I lose weight?’ A teatox helps amp up your metabolism, increase your immunity, rid your liver of toxins and purify your hair and skin