Papaya, Your Best Friend When On A Diet!

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
Papaya, your best friend when on a diet!
It may seem like just any other fruit but papaya is a super food which has umpteen skin and health benefits and the credit goes to the papain enzymes present in it. Apart from being great for health, Papaya also triggers weight loss which makes it our absolute favourite fruit ever! With all the ridiculous diets out there, we are all for losing weight the healthy way. Read on as we share a super simple papaya diet, so you can make the most of this super fruit and lose weight…

P.S: Please consult your doctor before trying this diet.



Start your day with a glass of almond milk or oatmeal water to get enough fiber. After a break of around 30 minutes eat a papaya salad. Continue doing this for 2 days.




Day 1 – Eat a whole grain salad with vegetables like tomato, spinach, garlic, olives with a pinch of salt and lemon juice. You can add some rice to go with it. Follow this up with a glass of papaya juice.

Day 2 – Switch the salad for some baked vegetables, followed by papaya juice.




Take half of a medium sized papaya and cut it into small pieces. Add a few slices of pineapple and blend them together to make a delicious smoothie.




A soup or vegetable broth works well with a bowl of papaya, on the second day continue eating a bowl of papaya with anything light for dinner.

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