We love our pets to no end, right? From being by our side when we’re feeling blue to amusing us with their tricks, pets can bring so much happiness. You know what else they can do? Keep you company during yoga class and also try out some sexy moves themselves. Don’t believe us? See for yourself as these pictures from Instagram will make you want to get a pet as well as join a yoga class (perhaps!)

yoga with pets mskaterine 600x400

Who says cats are lazy? Check out @ms_katerine performing a yoga move with her ginger kitty, Drishti. Yoga has never looked so much fun!

yoga with pets instagram 600x400

Having your pet around for a yoga session surely makes it all the more interesting. Case in point—this photo of @aashleydanielle stretching her body along with her pooch. What better way to get both in shape, right?

yoga with pets ziggythepit 430x427

Checkout @ziggythepit and her master doing Vajrasana together! If this doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will!

yoga with pets raquellamarche 430x418

Meet @raquellamarche making yoga interesting as she does the backbend while her adorable kitty aces a downward facing pose like a pro. Cuteness overload!

yoga with pets shelbyyyyy 430x419

Who knew yoga could make dogs so active? Watch @shelbyyyyy ace a yoga pose and her li’l pug in a playful mood. Such a sight!

yoga with pets fitwithgeorgie 430x423

@fitwithgeorgie sure knows how to get her dog energized while getting her dose of yoga. Check her lab enjoying himself as she strikes a yoga pose!

yoga with pets yoga 365 days 430x420

If you thought cats don’t want your attention, this picture is here to prove you wrong. See @yoga_365_days doing the bow pose as adorable Indie peeps in. Aww

yoga with pets reganwarner 430x491

Are we impressed or what! Watch @reganwarner display her yoga skills as her cat, Rosco finds a way to display his own version of yoga. Such a star, isn’t he?