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Written by Shraddha MehtaAug 29, 2016
Whether you are living the college life, working hard at office or taking care of your home, you, like us, are busy as a bee. In this frenzy of activity, we often pick up unhealthy junk food to keep our energy up. But eating chips on the way to college or a doughnut with coffee at office or even those fried idlis at home isn’t the answer to your problems. Instead, all you are doing is adding unhealthy calories to your diet, which will soon give you another problem to deal with: weight gain.

Homemade Granola

Unhealthy food leads to weight gain, not only causing a surge in cholesterol and blood pressure, but also leading to heart disease. Junk food can also cause depression since your body is not receiving appropriate nutrition. A healthy diet then is not only the answer to weight loss and lessened risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, but also gives you more energy, more concentration and a more enriched mood. It’s time to ditch oily snacks and fattening desserts. Here’s our list of easy, healthy options you can snack on instead, which actually help you keep your energy up and don’t lead to a thicker waist!


Chow with Indian Spice!

Homemade Granola

Do you, like us, crave something Indian with masala and hints of spice? Don’t worry; keep your weight goals in mind and go for simple Murmura. A filling snack option, you can add turmeric, a little red chilli powder and some nuts to these rice flakes to make something delicious, yet nutritious and easy to digest. Be careful to avoid the oily sev and the aloo that is normally added to these and you’ll be good to go. Have this snack twice a week to break the monotony and keep your taste buds happy!


Go nuts

Homemade Granola

Nuts are nature’s way of showing that good things come in small packages. A trail mix of nuts offers different nutrients with various health benefits like good skin, good memory recall, cures heart diseases. We recommend nuts like almonds, cashews (in small quantities), chestnuts, walnuts, peanuts and pine nuts (dried), which contains proteins, vitamins, calcium, starchy carbs and fibre. A handful of nuts every day helps in weight loss and makes for a filling snack.


Sprouting healthy

Homemade Granola

The BeBEAUTIFUL vote goes to sprouts for being the healthiest snack, no matter where you are! Sprouts contain fewer calories compared to other snacks and fulfil your protein and fiber requirements. The easiest way to prepare a sprout salad is to soak the beans overnight and then add tomatoes, cucumber, lime, a pinch of salt and pepper and a spoonful of olive oil. A yummy, healthy snack, this can be easily packed and carried wherever you go. Just keep a spoon in your bag and dig in!


Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola

Granola is basically a cereal with a base of rolled oats, which is usually sweetened with honey. It helps reduce weight and is good for the heart. Rather than store bought granola which contains preservatives and other agents, make your own. Simply add a cup of rolled oats, a cup of cornflakes, half a cup of muesli along with three tablespoons of honey, a pinch of cinnamon, a few drizzles of olive oil, a pinch of salt and some baking powder. Spread the mix on a baking tray and bake for 10 minutes at 180˚C, and voila! You now have a healthy snack you can eat on the go.

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