Even if you are ever pressed for time and find it difficult to hit the gym, there is no reason that you should skip a workout. On an average, every individual should hit the gym four days a week at the very minimum to observe any sort of change in the body. So why should traffic, weather and vanity stall you from achieving your optimum body? Here are a few workout styles you could perform right from the comfort of your home.
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We have been doing this since we were children and it’s a shame we have stopped. Skipping is by far the most intense exercise you could attempt to burn calories. A 15 minute skipping session for starters will literally knock the wind out of you. Combine that with a couple of free hand exercises and you have successfully completed a half hour session. Build up from there according to stamina and endurance.


If you desire a more relaxed workout, but are still looking to tone up your muscles, a Pilates session will do you good. Simply order a DVD and follow the instructions or check out YouTube for a plethora of videos to help you with your workout. For yoga buffs, the same applies. All you need to do is move some furniture around to make space for a good stretch.

Stair Running

Stair running is not as daunting as it sounds. You can start with the level you are comfortable with. Walk up and down your building and then slowly progress to a light run, followed by sprints. For those who do not have many floors to aid them, even 5 to 10 stairs will do the trick. It may seem simple at first, but you will feel the burn eventually.


We have written about this before and we cannot stop talking about it. This high intensity interval training reaps all the benefits of a full gym workout in a short span of 20 minutes. Highly recommended for its efficiency of time and results, Tabata is made for the individual with a very busy lifestyle.

The Nike App

A plethora of free hand and prop driven exercises as put together by the experts. That’s what the Nike app is all about.  You do not have to do any thinking here. Just follow the advice and get going. Exercises range from 15 minutes to a good one hour workout. And all this can be done right in the middle of your living room.


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