We are all avid followers of fashion. Indeed, a trend starts and it goes viral, be it in terms of clothes, jewellery, or getting that thin frame that we see on television and magazines. Yes, that hot-bod, those structured abs are lust-worthy. But are we doing justice to our bodies by going on strict diets and losing those kilos?  Here’s a reality check.
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Thin frames are synonymous to being fit: MYTH!!!!

REALITY!!!!!Fitness is how well you can climb up a flight of stairs, and how much of physical activity you can do without running out of breath.

In today’s lifestyle, exercise has become as crucial and necessary as having a bath or brushing your teeth. It should become habitual and done with a perspective of gaining a fit body and heart devoid of any cardiac or muscular issues, rather than with the sole objective of shedding those extra pounds. It should be done with a fair motive of gaining strength and health. As a matter of fact, a “fit” person may be suffering from unknown ailments, but a “heavier” person might be fitter and more active.

Trust us, the war of obesity will never be won by reducing your food intake and going on those crash diets. They only succeed in making you feel deprived. Stop weighing yourself, and shift that spotlight from weight to health and fitness. Eat well and enjoy everything you eat in moderation. Let nothing come into your list of forbidden foods. All you need to do is get up with the sun and do some simple stretching and twisting and turning. Here’s how you should do it:

  1. Warm up your body from head-to-toe and give each part personal attention. Start with your neck, followed by your shoulders, arms, waist, thighs, ankles and toes. Rotate and move each of them. Your body will love that “extra” special attention.
  2. You can also go for walks and eventually light jogs or go cycling in the pleasant morning sun, giving your body a dose of Vitamin D. Occasionally, on your lazy days, you can go on virtual cycling tours. Wake up and stay in bed but start moving your legs as if you are cycling – Ease down. Simple, isn’t it?
  3. Move to the nearest staircase you can find and climb them. Stair climbing is a great way to improve your leg muscles and butt and overall improve your pulse rate.
  4. Remember the skipping rope in your school sports room or your play room at home? Oh yes, dig it out from that long-lost corner, because skipping is an excellent workout to improve your overall health and hand and leg muscles.
  5. STRETCH – It is the easiest way to gain flexibility. Stretch every part of your body, keeping your posture erect and your back straight. Stretch till you start feeling the muscle pull and then stop.

If you’re amongst those people who run errands and have no time to exercise, all you have to do is ditch the elevators and escalators and embrace stairs, stop your car a few meters before your destination and walk. The results may be slow, but they won’t ditch you.

There is nothing like feeling fresh and high after the workout. And when you start noticing simple things like climbing stairs have become easier, you’ll be FIT, not FAT and not THIN….just FIT!


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