Super Fun Ways To Lose Weight

Written by Chandni GhoshNov 11, 2016
Are you always ready with excuses when it comes to working out but have been hoping that the weight loss happens magically? Here’s the good news – don’t hit the gym, don’t do Pilates. Instead, just opt for something fun and cool that’ll make things interesting and also get you in shape! Want to know what they are? Read on to find out.

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Shopping trip

Girls, your favourite thing to do might just contribute to weight loss. As strange as it may sound but shopping can actually help you shed those extra kilos. In fact, even studies suggest that an average woman burns 48,000 calories a year just by shopping! Walking around the mall, visiting stores and trying out clothes may not seem like a workout but it actually burns calories, ladies. We’re sure you can’t say no to this one!

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Dance session

Feeling fat? Play your fave’ music and get on the floor for an impromptu jig. Dance to your heart’s content and make it a regular feature if you have fun. While you might not get those killer abs just by dancing, you’ll definitely tone up your butt and booty if you make this a regular thing.

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Watch a funny film

As bizarre as this may sound, watching a funny film can help you burn those calories. Laughter is the best medicine for weight loss as it gives your body exercise and can burn even up to 100 calories an hour. So just stock up on comedies, call your friends over and laugh out loud. It’ll help you lose weight and stay happy!

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Play a musical instrument

Hitting the gym seems like a task? Just play a musical instrument. Playing a violin for an hour burns as many calories as walking in moderate speed for an hour does. If you stand and play the guitar, you can burn as much as 159 calories per hour! So pursue your passion for music and achieve good health; kill two birds with one by playing an instrument, ladies!

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Chew gum

Substitute gum with your fried munchies when you’re craving them. But make sure you don’t chew gum and skip meals just because you wish to lose weight. Do this once in a while as chewing gum calms your nerves and also helps you lost fat. The repetitive movement helps strengthen your jaw and makes you lose weight on your cheeks.

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