The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Staying Fit

Written by Nazneen JoshiSep 25, 2018
Get that toned body you’ve been craving, and while you’re at it, a glowing complexion to complement it! If you’re juggling between getting to classes or putting in the long hours at work—you probably don’t have the time to look your best. We’ll tell you just how by just squeezing in a couple of minutes each day, you can get the body of your dreams.
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The on-the-go workout 
Time: Ten minutes

What to do: Monday mornings are always rushed, with getting the week’s chores in order—whether that’s getting the laundry done, making sure all the groceries are stocked and mentally preparing yourself for the week to come—your morning jog is always given the miss. We recommend you find no more than ten minutes in your day, even if you’re already at the office to tone up. Find a flight of stairs and walk up and down as quickly as possible. If you feel especially adventurous, climb two steps at a time. 

How it works:  It simultaneously works on your arms, legs and overall strength. This cardio exercise gets your heart rate up as well and helps your metabolism. If you haven’t been working out, you will see that even putting in ten minutes is very demanding. If this is the case, start with five minutes and gradually increase. 

Clock lunge 
 Two minutes

What to do: For a quick but effective one-minute workout, put your right foot forward and lower your body into lunge position. Return to your start position, then step to the right and lower into a side lunge, keeping your left leg straight. Once again return to your start position. Now, put your right foot back and lower into a reverse lunge. Return to start and viola—that’s one rep! Repeat this exercise for 60 seconds, switch sides and repeat. 

How it works: This helps in toning your core (back and stomach) and obviously your legs and glutes. If you are regular you will see your mid and lower body getting tones over a period of time. This adds more definition to your thighs and calf muscles as well. 
Breathe in and out
 Ten minutes

What to do: The simplest and most sure-fire way to an enviable skin tone and a calm state of mind is a simple breathing exercise. All it takes is ten minutes of your day. Sit down cross-legged and breathe evenly. Do a ten-count breathe-in and breathe-out. Repeat this process ten times and voila! Envious skin and radiance to die for is all yours.

How it works: This simple yogasan improves circulation, calms the body and increases flow of oxygen to your lungs, brain and face. The increased oxygen flow works wonders for your skin and mind.

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