Ever dreamed of gracefully swimming through the waters like a mermaid? Well… that’s now a possibility (for fully grown adults) because the mermaid workout has arrived on the scene. If you’ve been interested in water sports, by now you must have dipped your toe in zorbing, Zumba and aqua aerobics. This season, this water workout seems to be the latest fitness trend.

latest mermaid fitness trend

So if you’re wondering how to stay on trend without being an amphibian, we’re telling you everything you need to know about the workout. Rising in popularity as ‘Mermaid Fitness’, this exercise regime involves the attachment of a mermaid monofin in order to give one’s core a strengthening. No wonder Ariel looked so svelte, huh?

mermaid workout latest fitness trend

Taking inspiration from the classic Disney flick, ‘The Little Mermaid’, the workout was spotted in Hawaii a few years ago and has caught on globally onlyrecently. Making waves in Germany, United States and even the Philippines, ‘Mermaid Fitness’ is being touted as the perfect way to bring together fitness and fun while gaining those washboard abs you’ve dreamed off.

latest fitness tips dolphin kick

A Mermaid-like monofin and a water body is all you need to make like Ariel and get splashing. The regime also teaches the Dolphin Kick, which is the crucial step in tightening the core muscles. When the temperatures soar too high, this workout is just what you need to cool down a bit without ditching your fitness. And in the meanwhile, you get to feel like a mermaid who is wading through the waters–now who wouldn’t want that!

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