To stay away from geeky glasses, we’ve become rather addicted to our lenses, haven’t we? Sure, those who use lenses would agree what a life saviour they are! As much as we worship our lenses, we must be aware that they ought to be treated with utmost care because without maintaining hygiene, lenses can create havoc in your eyes. Here’s a rulebook to caring for your lenses.
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Don’t use the same contact lens case for more than 3 months

Yes, just like your lenses have expiry dates, your contact lens case too can turn old. Using the same case for over three months can easily transfer these germs on to your lenses causing major eye infections. So if you’ve been guilty of using the same lens case for several months, it’s time to do your eyes a favour and replace it, stat.

Sterilise the case

Since your case is a home for your lenses, it is necessary to sterilize the case weekly besides changing the lens solution in it daily. To sterilize, place the lens case in a heat resistant container. Boil some water and pour it over the lens case kept in the container. Soak for 10 minutes and let it dry completely.

Showering with lenses on is a complete no-no

You often forget to remove your lenses before a shower but little do you know that this can prove to be hugely disastrous for your eyes. Wondering how? Well water sources through pools and bathroom sinks contain a microorganism known as acanthamoeba. If this is found in your eye during the shower and you happen to be wearing lenses, the germ gets trapped under the lens and can cause a severe infection to your eye.

Never reuse solution

Lazy girls, we know you’re guilty of this one. There’s lens solution in your case and you have to rush to a party so you reuse the solution on the lens and wear it in a hurry. This can mean a nasty infection. Well, you have to understand that when you’re resting your lenses in the case all the debris on the lens gets transferred into the solution. Hence, it is highly advisable that you use fresh solution to clean your lenses every single time you wear them.

Avoid wearing lenses if they begin to irritate your peepers

We’re so addicted to our lenses that if on a particular day, they disturb our eyes, we end up wearing them anyway assuming that the problem will settle down. This is a clear indication that your lenses have past their expiry date or are carrying germs. Wearing lenses despite a feeling of discomfort in your eyes is like asking for an infection. So at all costs, throw those lenses away and give your eyes a break before you wear your next fresh pair of lenses.

Don’t ever sleep in lenses

You might assume that a power nap with lenses on will cause zero harm to your eyes. But this can be the biggest mistake you can ever make. Contact lenses limit the supply of oxygen to your eyes. While you’re asleep, your eyes aren’t blinking, which further limits the amount of oxygen and lubrication your eye needs. Almost every ophthalmologist will tell you that sleeping with lenses on can cause irreversible damage to your eyes.

Avoid wearing contacts after applying eye makeup

It happens to the best of us—we forget to wear our lenses and first, apply eye makeup. Makeup contains chemicals and when lenses come in contact with it, makeup can damage them to a great extent and in turn, cause eye problems. Moreover, once you’re done with the day and have removed your makeup, don’t forget to rinse your lenses well with fresh solution to ensure that there’s no makeup debris that’s caught on to the lenses.