Often used in flotation tank therapy, Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) ease muscle cramps and gently exfoliate skin. They are called Epsom salts because they come from Epsom in England or originally did. A magnesium deficiency can create feelings of lethargy, cramps, anxiety, and loss of appetite and is often misdiagnosed as something else.
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There is a belief that if you soak long enough in Epsom salts, the skin absorbs the magnesium transdermally and the body uses as much as it needs so its a good way to get your magnesium intake if you are deficient.
But do check with your doctor as opinion is divided on transdermal absorption. However if you drink a lot of colas, love cupcakes and pastries or smoke, your body's magnesium levels are being leached off so you may have a deficiency without being aware of it. It is very easy to replace and you can get magnesium easily from nuts, pumpkin seeds, dark spinach, and bananas.
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Flotation tanks are often used in spas and media spas for de stressing. In wet tanks you are immersed in a tank filled with Epsom salts -almost 2 kgs to one tank if I recollect, which keeps you afloat like you are on a mattress.
Its the Dead sea principle -the salts are so dense in the water that you float. The chamber is usually shut and you are in darkness as you recreate a return- to -the womb feeling with gentle music in the background. The sensory deprivation can be very unnerving but as you gently float your cares melt away literally and your skin emerges incredibly smooth and soft. You have to soak for a minimum twenty minutes to an hour for the magnesium to get absorbed.
I tried a sensory deprivation flotation tank at an alternative healing centre in Totnes, the new age capital of England. That deserves a separate travel blog but it was quite intense.
The Raddisson Blue Spa in Delhi has a dry flotation tank where you can experience the floating sensation without getting wet or having the epsom salt exfoliation /absorption.
If you don't have a wet Flotation tank close by you can still try some of the other benefits of magnesium sulphate.
Add some to your bathtub for super smooth skin. Light a scented candle and soak for twenty minutes.
If you don't have a tub then just take a handful of salts and rub gently all over damp skin in the shower. If your skin is dry or sensitive add a few drops of olive oil to the salts.Use about three to four sachets in a bucket for a great foot soak or add half a sachet to some yoghurt for a quick face pick me up. I am told Magnesium oil is also available but I haven't seen it or tried it.
The sachet I have shown here is available at all local chemists.
PS: Epsom salts have many other uses as well and the internet is replete with them - from being used a fertilizer for plants to cleaning teeth to a sparkle!