If you come down to the BeBEAUTIFUL office for a day, you will often hear our beauty editor piping up, “Happiness is a juice”. Turns out, she has hit the nail on the head. Anuj Rakyan, Managing Director, RAW Pressery, a cold-pressed juice brand that offers healthy juices that are free of preservatives and additives to your doorstep, agrees with her. He tells us that the right juices can do everything from improving your overall health to helping you lose weight, and making your skin glow. With all these benefits, who wouldn’t be happy? He reveals three recipes—for hair, skin and weight loss—to get you started on your juice journey.


Several of us suffer from digestive imbalances. This in turn hampers the absorption of essential nutrients by the body. Given that 75 per cent of the immune system is located in the digestive system, it also results in decreased immunity. Further, the body’s pH balance is acidic when you’re sick and this can put you at a higher risk of suffering from heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes and arthritis. “Juices help as they require minimal digestion and provide the body with whole food nutrition. They also increase the absorption level in the body. Furthermore, cold pressed juices are great body alkalizers that help improve digestion and energy, makes you mentally alert, helps get radiant skin and keeps you healthy,” explains Anuj.

bitter gourd 430x550

Karela Juice for Weight Loss
3 bitter gourds or karelas
2 teaspoons lemon juice
¼ cup coriander
1 teaspoon honey
1 pinch black pepper
½ cup apple juice

Remove the bitter gourd skin and seeds and wash under running water.
Cut into medium-sized pieces. Blend the diced bitter gourd with the honey, apple juice and lemon juice until it becomes smooth. Add black pepper powder and ice cubes and blend it again. Garnish with a lemon wedge and drink chilled.
Anuj recommends that you drink this karela juice in the mornings on an empty stomach for full beneficial results. Sweeten it with more honey if required, but avoid other sugars which can alter the taste and health benefits.

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Spinach, Apple and Kale Juice for Hair
A handful of spinach leaves
1 apple
4 kale leaves
4 carrots
Clean all the vegetables in running water. (Kale is generally available in grocery stores, but in case you cannot get hold of any, just use more spinach leaves.) After cleaning, cut and blend the diced vegetables until the juice becomes smooth. Add some ice cubes and drink chilled.
Anuj recommends that you drink this juice in the morning pre-breakfast for full beneficial results.

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Glow Juice for Skin
1 cucumber
½ cup coconut water
1cup pineapple
8 – 10 strands lemon grass
½ tablespoon aloe vera
½ teaspoon lemon juice
Peel the cucumber and pineapple and then cut and blend the diced ingredients. Add the coconut water, lemon grass, aloe vera and blend again until the juice becomes smooth. Add in the lemon and drink up.
Anuj recommends that you drink the Glow juice as an evening snack for beneficial results.