3 Reasons Why Cinnamon Should Be Your Spice Of Choice

Written by Mili SemlaniSep 02, 2016
What’s hot chocolate without a hint of cinnamon, eh? Cakes, pies and muffins, or a condiment in curries – this versatile ingredient not only teases your taste buds, it also keeps a check on your heart’s health by improving blood circulation and regulating cholesterol among the many other benefits. Here’s why you should add this wonder spice to as many foods as possible…

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A well-known warming agent, cinnamon relieves muscle pain by fortifying blood circulation in the body. Since it regulates the absorption of blood sugar (aiding in metabolism) it is highly regarded in treatment of diabetes. In a research led by U.S. Department of Agriculture, scientists found that cinnamon extract improved antioxidant levels and proved beneficial for those with fluctuating sugar levels.

cinnamon dental benefits 600x400

Ancient folklore claims that the scent of cinnamon can help beat the winter or monsoon blues. (Yet another reason to bake cinnamon pie, we say.) When used as an oil, it can help deal with fungal infections on hands and feet. A few drops in your bath water can help improve blood circulation and give your skin a natural flush, the same reason why powdered cinnamon is often used in home-made lip scrubs.

cinnamon dental benefits 600x400

Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, cinnamon can be a boon for dental care especially for the smokers. It gets rid of harmful bacteria without damaging your teeth or gums, making it a popular ingredient in toothpastes, gum infused with cinnamon oil, mouthwashes and breath mints.

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