It’s barely been a month into the year and if, like us, you think your fitness routine could use a revamp, we’d suggest trying your hands or legs rather, at cycling. With that nip in the air still around, invest in a bike, some cycling gear and pedal your way through the city at dawn. Cycling is considered to be one of the best exercises for people of every age and is a very popular form of cross-training. If you’re thinking of buying a cycle, here are the 3 things you need to keep in mind…
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Just like a treadmill or a pair of running shoes, a cycle is a long-time investment, and not just in the exercise space. Today, with so many people taking up cycling as a hobby or a way to stay fit, you’ll find bikes for every budget. That’s specifically why you should consult with someone who is in the know and do your research to find one that suits your requirement the best.


What purpose are you buying a cycle for and how committed will you be? If you’re looking at a cycle for everyday fitness a simple road bike or a hybrid would suffice. Road bikes have lighter frames and thin tyres making them fit for pavements. If you’re planning to go terrain cycling at some point in the future, you’ll need to invest in a mountain bike with shock absorbers.


With multiple brands and many different kinds of bikes available in the market, you’re only going to be spoilt for choice. So set a budget for yourself before you go to the store. Research the popular brands and check reviews online for the favourites among the amateurs. Consult cycling groups and enthusiasts and ask them for their recommendations.

Test ride

It may not be a car, but it is still a vehicle, which means that when you go to buy a cycle make sure you take it for a ride before you make the purchase. The seat should be adjusted according to your height to ensure you’re well balanced while cycling. Pay attention to the distance from the seat to the bottom of the pedal stroke and the angle at which you’ll have to lean in to hold the handlebars. For beginners, a lighter frame and slimmer tyres make it easy to handle the bike.

Cycles for every age and requirement are available at Decathlon stores across the country.