With the wedding season on in full swing, we’ve gotten way too many invites to poolside bachelorettes, beach vacays with the bride-to-be and even post wedding cocktail parties all the way in South East Asia, which brings us to our sheepish confession – while we’ve been taking care of our faces, we might have pushed our butt-care to the sidelines. But with activities like these floating around, we know all too well that we’ll soon have to get our butt in top shape. After much research, here are the three saviours we’re banking on to give us a derrière we’d want to bare…

3 ways to get derriere you desire squats 430x550

The Step-Up and Jump Squats
The oldest and most recommended way to get that butt in shape? The Step-Up, of course. Find yourself a chair or a stepper or even some steps. Start by putting your right foot on the stepper and then have your left foot follow. Once both your feet are on the stepper, put the right foot backwards back on the floor and do the same with the left foot. Repeat about 20 times and practice every day for a super toned butt (as well as legs.) If you’re feeling a little more athletic, you can even try some jump squats – stand straight, jump as high up in the air as possible and when you’re coming down bring your thighs down and squat. Then jump back up. Repeat about 20 times.

3 ways to get derriere you desire buttyliscious facial 430x550

The Buttyliscious facial at the Lakmé Absolute Salon
Buttyliscious – the butt facial launched by the Lakmé Absolute Salon – is all the pampering your butt needs. The service starts with a deep-cleanse to clean the skin and is followed by a pampering massage with seaweed extracts that nourish your skin. Finally, a finishing masque is applied to smoothen the skin and make it appear cleaner and softer – just the kind of thing you need if you’re headed out to the pool or the beach, or the bedroom for that matter.

3 ways to get derriere you desire wear cotton 430x550

Wearing natural, breathable fibres like cotton
Stay clean and wear light, comfortable clothing. As simple and obvious as this may sound, you’ll be surprised to know that most of the underwear we wear is polyblend, often made with fibres like nylon that, if worn for long, prevents the skin from breathing freely. Additionally, while things like thongs might work wonderfully with that super tight skirt and reveal no lines, it’s not very skin friendly. The result? Redness, bumps, butt acne and skin that you really can’t flaunt. So alternate your artificial fibres with 100 per cent cotton underwear especially when you’re spending the whole day at home or wearing denims and garments that aren’t too tight on your skin.

Presently, Buttyliscious is available at the Lakmé Absolute Salon in Mumbai. It will be introduced in the Absolute Salons in Delhi and Bengaluru in January next year.