As the weather remains nippy, you need to change your fitness gear for your workouts. Here are some of our favourite picks.

fitness wardrobe for workouts reebok 430x550

There's nothing like a high-intensity cardio session to break into a sweat. This jacket is lightweight, and made of 'tricot' fabric, which keeps it in place while you move in your favourite aerobics class.

Reebok, ₹3,499

fitness wardrobe for workouts yoga pants 430x550

Love your yoga sessions on the weekends? We get it. Firstly, these pants are knitted so you won't feel cold. Plus, it's well fitted on the hips and cuffed hem so that it stays secure when you bend backwards.

Reebok, ₹3,999

fitness wardrobe for workouts puma jacket 430x550

Love running even in the night? We got you covered. Puma's patented technology brings you a unique jacket, which is embedded with optical fibres to keep you visible (and safe) at night. Plus, its lightweight and breathable fabric allows you to move freely.

Puma, ₹5,499

fitness wardrobe for workouts nike shoes 430x550

High-intensity interval training (like cross fit and boot camp) calls for durable shoes with ample support. Try Nike’s Lunar Cross Element, which has cushioning, which extends from the heel to the forefoot. Plus, it's lighter in weight and helps you work out on a variety of surfaces.

Nike, ₹7,795