Bb Health Guide: Vital Vitamins For Every Woman

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 13, 2016
Vitamins are vital to your body—a regular intake is essential for everything from your skin to your bones. However, since the body cannot produce all the nutrients we need, we must rely on foods and supplements that will help our body attain its daily vitamin intake. Here’s a list of vitamins your body needs…

Vitamin A

Vitamin K

If you want to boost your immunity and improve your skin health, Vitamin A is crucial for you. This antioxidant will also help you keep your eye health in check.

Get it from: Dark leafy greens and carrots


B Vitamins

Vitamin K

B Vitamins are vital to keep your metabolism in check and they also play a key role in maintaining brain functions.

Get it from: Whole grain breads, beans, tofu and soy milk.


Vitamin C

Vitamin K

Vitamin C, known to combat cold and flu, is the ultimate immunity boosting antioxidant. Besides that, it also prevent heart diseases and prenatal problems in women.

Get it from: Citrus fruits like oranges and vegetables like broccoli.


Vitamin D

Vitamin K

Studies suggest that Vitamin D helps reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Because of its power to absorb calcium, Vitamin D also helps in muscle function.

Get it from: Milk and salmon.


Vitamin E

Vitamin K

This antioxidant is important for your system since it fights DNA damage that ages cells. It also prevents memory loss and eye problems like cataracts.

Get it from: Nuts like almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts.


Vitamin K

Vitamin K

This one’s imperative for women who suffer from bone concerns after a certain age because Vitamin K has the power to help bone density.

Get it from: Leafy greens.

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