So you are working out every day to maintain a fit body and achieve the shape you desire? While that's perfect, are you sure you are doing everything right? We are talking about your gym bag and what goes into it. Does it have all the necessities you need pre and post workout? Read on to find out...

heart rate monitor 600x400

Heart rate monitor

This one tells you whether you are getting the most bang for your buck. It tells you whether you are working out at your target heart rate and if you need to increase or decrease your speed. A must-have to stay fit and healthy! It also counts your calories while making your workout more efficient.

healthy snacks 600x400

Healthy snacks

A handful of peanuts or an energy bar is a prerequisite! This is the best way to bring back the energy after working out. Plus, it’s a healthy and yummy treat that encourages you to workout so that you can have your bar post the hard work. Totally worth it and guilt free, right?

germ fighting wipes 600x400

Germ fighting wipes

You workout so you sweat. But while losing your calories you're also producing illness-causing bacteria. Give yourself a good cleanup with anti-bacterial wipes post your workout to keep germs at bay. We suggest you go for fragrance-free ones for a healthier wipe.

deodorant 430x550


You should carry this one for obvious reasons. Apart from working out you would even like to make friends at the gym! Spray it on generously and stay fresh.

lip balm 430x550

Lip balm

Dry indoor air at the gym can result in flaky lips. Carry a good lip balm that keeps your lips soft and moisturised. We rely on Lakmé Lip Love that helps keeps our lips moisturised while adding a pop of colour.

facial cleanser 430x550

Facial cleanser

A good facial cleanser to wash your face after workout is very essential to keep skin glowing and prevent breakouts. Wash your face immediately after you are done for fresh and healthy skin.

moisturiser 430x550


Your skin deserves a little pamper session after a strenuous workout. Seal your pores with a moisturiser that suits your skin to retain moisture and prevent breakouts.