Haven’t been getting your 7-9 hours of sleep every night? This could have some adverse effects on your body. From feeling groggy to lethargic, sleep deprivation can lead to a bevy of problems in your body. Want to know more on how lack of sleep can harm your body? Read on.
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Causes obesity

Lack of sleep leads to hormonal changes in the body, which causes a feeling of increased hunger. It’s very simple, really—when you haven’t slept enough, you’re low on energy and you naturally, reach out for a piece of cake or a bag of chips, right? Moreover, if you’re sleep deprived, you won’t even have the energy to burn your calories by way of exercising. So it’s a vicious cycle and if you truly want to maintain your weight or lose those kilos, sleep is of utmost importance.

Impaired memory

Sleep deprivation can lead to major cognitive issues as it can cause the brain to deteriorate. When you sleep, your brain processes information. When you have inadequate sleep, your brain has a tough time doing these exercises. Basically, sleep is necessary to consolidate memory so you can recall life’s events when you want to.

Bone damage

Sleep deprivation causes an impact on bone repair. Everyday activities cause wear and tear, which are repaired quickly by the body. But this gets disrupted with lack of sleep that leads to decreased bone density. So if you want to stay away from arthritis and osteoporosis in the future, get adequate sleep!

Lack of concentration

When you haven’t slept enough, you’ll be finding it tough to go about your chores due to a feeling of fatigue. Lack of sleep will affect your concentration and in turn, deter you from meeting deadlines.

Ages your skin

Lack of sleep causes dark circles and a look of tiredness. Long-term lack of sleep leads to wrinkles and lackluster skin. When you don’t get enough sleep, the body releases a lot more of the stress hormone, cortisol. This hormone can break down the protein collagen, which is responsible in keeping the skin alive and glowing. So if you truly want to look and feel beautiful, get your beauty sleep!