Tarantism, the uncontrollable urge to dance, may be your best option when it comes to keeping fit this summer! If gyms seem too sweaty and boring to you and if going running in the park is not ideal for this weather, take our advice and opt for a fun dance workout instead. We speak to yoga instructor and founder of Bandra-based dance and yoga studio—Tangerine Arts Studio—Tanvi Mehra to find out her summer recommendations to get you a toned body.

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Nothing spells fun like an hour of pure dance. Tanvi Mehra tells us—“At the Tangerine Arts Studio one can choose from belly dance, salsa, Bollywood, hip hop, contemporary, masala bhangra and Zumba.” All of these are fun options that can get you a toned, healthy body while keeping you mentally and physically interested.

Pictured: Mumbai based dancer Auritra Ghosh who taught a contemporary dance workshop at Tangerine Arts Studio.

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“Dance requires you to be in a genuine happy place –it’s the speediest mood changer—like Prozac for the mind and soul. The groovy music combined with the energy really helps kick-start a mundane, warm and lazy summer’s day,” says Tanvi. So if you are looking for motivation to lose weight or maintain your weight loss goals this summer, our suggestion is a groovy dance class.

Pictured: A belly-dance session at Tangerine Arts Studio

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It’s mandatory to raise the hems and shed the sleeves in order to stay cool during our scorching summers, says Tanvi—and we couldn’t agree more! For that, she recommends practicing the Surya Namaskar to tone and sculpt your body and a combination of Sun Salutations (A and B—5 times each) to kiss away excess flab while building up your core.
Pictured: Deepika Mehta practicing the Ashtanga Vinyasa method at the Tangerine Arts Studio.

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Speaking directly to the BeBEAUTIFUL woman, Tanvi tells us that just as you work 5-6 days in the week—you must work out too, daily, in order to build your body’s strength and sustain your health.

Pictured: Pilated by Radhika Karle at Tangerine Arts Studio

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Given that most of us have a poor diet and erratic food timings, coupled with the city’s pollution, erratic weather, fast pace and stress—it makes it important to get a suitable diet chart with a good blend of fruits and vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates. Follow this on and keep your meals light and fresh and drink lots of fluids—from coconut water to juices to keep you hydrated.

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Tanvi starts her mornings with a glass of warm water, lime and honey. She usually accompanies that with a handful of soaked almonds and two baby bananas—so that she’s refreshed and energized to teach her morning Yoga classes. Once she’s back, she opts for an egg sandwich, oats, porridge or poha, a glass of coconut water, and a platter of seasonal fruits to replenish.