We often care for our skin and hair but ignore our nails completely. Did you know that your nails can tell you a health story too? Well, changes in colour or texture could mean certain body issues. While they may not be a severe cause of worry, it sure helps to be aware of certain deficiencies in the body and get treated. Here’s what you need to know about your nails.
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Brittle nails

Tired of chipped nails that end up ruining your newly done manicure? Well, if your nails are becoming extremely brittle, it could indicate low iron levels in your body. Iron is the reason behind the formation of hemoglobin that actually sends red blood cells with oxygen to the base of your nails. If this has been a problem for a while, you must pay a visit to the doctor and find a suitable way to get your iron levels high.

Bluish patch on the nails

If you’ve been noticing pale blue patches on the nail bed, it could indicate that you have certain circulatory problems to deal with. As we said, your nails get their pink colour when your skin gets oxygenated blood. Hence, you might want to get your heart and lungs checked to eliminate circulatory disorders.

Depression in the nails

Have you been noticing some depressions on your nails? This could be a sign of psoriasis or even eczema. It can also be due to excessive nail biting as doing this regularly can create some trauma on your nails, which if not treated can cause permanent depression over your nails.